Welcome to Immaculate Heart of Mary School! We are a Catholic School located in the Andorra. We service the students from Andorra, Roxborough and Manayunk. At IHM, we want to prepare our students to Learn about the Catholic Faith, Strive for Academic Excellence and treat each other fairly. The team of dedicated teachers come prepared each day to nurture the students, fill their minds with knowledge and support the students while they are on their academic journey.

We cannot do this alone. We need the support of the parents, guardians and community members. The children need support from those who take care of them, their first teachers; their parents. We all need to deliver the same message to the students. Together, we can provide a superior education for the young people we serve every day.

Through prayer, community service, a rigorous curriculum and hands on learning, the children will provide an education at IHM to help them in their future. We want our kids to do well. We will do what is necessary to help them achieve their personal best.

My door is always open for the students, teachers and parents. This is not my school, or your school. This is our school, our students, our teachers, our family. We need to work together to achieve greatness. Working against each other will not help anyone. We need to rely on each other! We need to work together to achieve extraordinary things.

Thank you for trusting us with your children. We love our IHM kids and trust that they are in good hands. Our theme this year is Have a Little Faith in me. Make sure you have faith not only in the teachers and administrators, but remember to have faith in the ultimate teacher, Jesus Christ..

Mr. Andrew E. Lowry Sr. M. Ed